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$46K Bounty for Identifying FTX Hacker: Arkham Intelligence Offers Reward

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• Arkham Intelligence offers $46,000 bounty to identify hacker that compromised FTX.
• Hack caused loss of over $415 million in cryptocurrencies and no person has been identified yet.
• Participants need to deposit 10 ARKM tokens and provide context for their decision, including research and sources proving conclusion is correct.

Arkham Intelligence Offers Bounty for Identifying FTX Hacker

Blockchain analytics company Arkham Intelligence announced a bounty of 100,000 ARKM (the platform’s own tokens) worth $46,000 for information about the identity of the hacker that compromised the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. To obtain the reward, participants are asked to identify the person or entity behind the hack and deposit 10 ARKM as a measure meant to prevent spam submissions. The deposit of whoever provides the right information will be returned along with proof of their conclusion through citing research and public information sources credibly verifying it.

FTX Hack Details

FTX representatives reported in November 2022 that they had fallen victim to a hack resulting in the loss of over $415 million in cryptocurrencies — making it one of that year’s biggest crypto hacks so far. Despite an investigation by the United States Department of Justice into whether it was an inside job starting in December 2022, no progress has been made towards identifying those responsible yet. Users were advised at this time not to update their FTX smartphone applications due to possible viruses being present.

ChipMixer Ties with Government?

At one point there were suggestions that alleged perpetrator was using ChipMixer which may have ties with government institutions — though this remains unconfirmed as well as any other details surrounding the case thus far.

Bounty Conditions

In order to receive Arkham Intelligence’s bounty reward, users must provide context for their decision which includes research, public information, and cited sources credibly proving that their conclusion is correct.


TheFTX hack resulted in one of last year’s largest losses in cryptocurrency but no person involved has been identified yet despite investigations being conducted by US authorities as well as private security firms such as Arkham Intelligence offering bounties for further information on those involved .

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