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$50M Cross-Chain Initiative Launched to Unlock Web3 Potential

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• Leading crypto teams and venture funds have established a $50 million cross-chain ecosystem fund.
• The fund is managed by Borderless Capital and is aimed at supporting startups leveraging the Wormhole cross-chain messaging protocol.
• This initiative seeks to drive innovation in the web3 industry, enabling seamless collaboration and interoperability between various blockchain networks.

Leading Crypto Teams Launch Cross-Chain Ecosystem Fund

Top blockchain teams and venture funds, including Algorand Foundation, Arrington Capital, and others have launched a $50 million cross-chain ecosystem fund. Managed by Borderless Capital, the purpose of this fund is to support startups using the Wormhole cross-chain messaging protocol, driving innovation in the web3 industry.

What Is The Cross-Chain Ecosystem Fund?

The cross-chain ecosystem fund is comprised of over twenty influential blockchain teams and venture funds collaborating to advance cross-chain capabilities within the crypto industry. It represents a collective effort to overcome challenges posed by an expanding web3 landscape with diverse layer-1 blockchains, layer-2 scaling solutions, and specialized appchains. The primary goal of this initiative is to unlock the full potential of cross-chain functionality through seamless collaboration and interoperability between different blockchain networks.

Who Is Managing The Cross Chain Ecosystem Fund?

Borderless Capital is an investment management firm that specializes in web3 technology, focusing on emerging innovators in borderless value creation space. Since 2018 they have invested in over 200 protocols and companies within the web3 ecosystem covering infrastructure, business applications, analytics platforms as well as other related services and products. As such they are perfectly suited to manage this new $50 million fund for advancing cross chain capabilities within the crypto industry.

What Are The Benefits Of This Initiative?

This initiative seeks to provide developers with easier navigation across different ecosystems while also providing users with more freedom when it comes interacting with different blockchains on their own terms. It aims to open up access for developers to create innovative decentralized applications (dApps) which can then be easily deployed across different blockchains or even used interchangeably across different networks for greater efficiency or better user experience design options for end users.


The launch of this new $50 million cross chain ecosystem fund signals a strong commitment towards advancing innovation within the web3 industry by leading crypto teams and institutional investors alike. By unlocking its full potential through seamless collaboration between different blockchains it will pave way for developers to create more dApps that can be deployed across multiple networks while giving users greater freedom when it comes interacting with these various blockchain based systems on their own terms

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