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Crypto Scam: Compromised Twitter Account Amplifies Phishing Fraud

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• A compromised Twitter account, @steveaoki, was exploited to endorse a cryptocurrency phishing scam resulting in the loss of over $170,000
• Users are advised to be vigilant when dealing with cryptocurrencies and protect their assets by verifying accounts, scrutinizing investments and promotions and not giving out personal information.
• Cryptocurrency security can be improved by implementing two-factor authentication, secure storage solutions and regularly updating passwords.

Compromised Twitter Account Amplifies Crypto Phishing Scam

An infiltrated Twitter account, @steveaoki, has been used to advertise a cryptocurrency phishing scam resulting in the loss of over $170,000. Unwittingly, followers of @eth_ben increased the visibility of the scam by quoting its false information.

Protecting Yourself from Phishing Scams

It is important to exercise caution when dealing with cryptocurrencies and take measures to secure your assets. Users should verify legitimacy of accounts before making any transactions or investments; they should also be wary of unsolicited deals and protect their privacy by never revealing their private key or other sensitive information. To bolster security measures against possible attacks two-factor authentication as well as secure storage solutions should be employed.

Consequences for Crypto Market Participants

This incident highlights the need for crypto market participants to remain alert and informed when handling digital currencies. Additionally, consumers must keep up with advancements in crypto markets in order to prevent frauds such as these from occurring again.

Preventative Measures

Consumers may protect themselves against scams and threats by being vigilant and knowledgeable about the constantly changing cryptocurrency market. They should also verify sources that provide investment opportunities while maintaining an up-to-date password protection system to safeguard their crypto holdings from theft or attack.


The security of cryptocurrency assets relies heavily on users’ awareness of potential scams that might arise as well as implementation of robust security measures for extra protection against them. It is therefore essential that consumers take appropriate steps to ensure safety when engaging in activities related to cryptocurrencies

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