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Flare & FlareDashboard Enhance Data Transparency: Make Informed Decisions

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• Flare Network has partnered with FlareDashboard to provide data insights into its network infrastructure providers.
• The partnership will enhance transparency and accountability, allowing users to make informed decisions.
• This collaboration is part of the blockchain’s underlining principles of community and openness.

Flare & FlareDashboard Partner Up

Flare has announced that it has partnered with FlareDashboard, a community-managed database and dashboard providing data insights on Flare and Songbird infrastructure providers. This collaboration will enable users to make more informed decisions.

Enhancing Data Transparency

Flare is aiming to enhance transparency in its ecosystem by gaining valuable insights into the independent network infrastructure contributors who support its decentralized operations. Public platforms like Flare depend on a community of developers and other supporters, which is part of the blockchain’s underlining principles of community and openness.

Data Prioritization for FTSO

Initially, Flare will prioritize data providers for Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO), which offers decentralized price feed data to the network. This information includes team information, KYC compliance, operational history, data safeguards, technology setup, and network addresses. All this information will be accessible publicly to all participants in order to provide a foundation for more transparent system.

Benefits for Ecosystem Participants

This collaboration will increase transparency within the network which is crucial for long-term success of the project as well as empower participants by consolidating relevant data sets needed when delegating their support to infrastructure teams that add value to the ecosystem.


The partnership between Flare Network and FlareDashboard hopes to bring greater levels of transparency within the network while empowering participants by providing them with access to valuable data sets required when making their decision on how they delegate their support.

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