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Joe Rogan & Post Malone Blast US CBDC: No Way! That’s Game Over

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• Joe Rogan and Post Malone expressed their views on US CBDCs on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.
• They voiced apprehension about government control of individual finances and potential abuse of power.
• Politicians are joining the debate, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pledging to ban CBDCs and Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suggesting backing the US currency with assets like Bitcoin.

Rogan & Malone Speak Out Against US CBDCs

Joe Rogan, an American comedian, podcaster, and mixed martial arts color commentator, as well as rapper Post Malone recently discussed Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast which boasts over 11 million listeners per episode. The two expressed their concerns about government control of individual finances and potential abuse of power in the context of a CBDC system.

Politicians Join The Debate

The debate around CBDCs is intensifying as politicians join in voicing their opinions. Florida Governor and Republican nominee Ron DeSantis has pledged to ban any form of digital currency if elected while Democratic candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr suggests that backing the US currency with assets like Bitcoin may be beneficial for Americans seeking financial autonomy from governments.

Social Credit Scores

During his discussion on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Joe Rogan even speculated about a future where CBDCs could tie into social credit scores, enhancing government oversight. This was shared by Post Malone who emphasized the possibility of governments controlling individual finances through such systems if implemented in full effect.

Crypto Enthusiasts Advocate For Decentralized Currency Systems

Crypto enthusiasts have been advocating for decentralized currency systems to preserve financial autonomy from government intervention or manipulation ever since discussions around CBDC began surfacing in recent years . They argue that a digital asset which is not controlled by a central bank or other traditional monetary institution allows for greater freedom and privacy when it comes to transactions taking place outside of its scope.

Biden’s Crypto Tax Plan & Privacy Concerns With CBDCs

Concerns have also been raised about US President Joe Biden’s proposed crypto tax plan which would require taxpayers to report all cryptocurrency transactions over $10,000 to federal authorities – raising further privacy concerns surrounding digital currencies if implemented in full force along with any possible form of national digital currency system such as CBDC .

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