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Justin Sun Resigns as Grenada’s Ambassador to the WTO

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• Justin Sun announced the end of his ambassadorial role for Grenada on March 31, 2023.
• He resigned from Tron to fill the Grenada ambassador position to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
• Recent reports indicate that Justin Sun may no longer work as Grenada’s ambassador.

Justin Sun Announces End Of Ambassadorial Role For Grenada

Tron founder Justin Sun just announced on Twitter the conclusion of his ambassadorial term for Grenada on March 31. His tenure as Ambassador of Grenada to the World Trade Organization (WTO) comes to an end and he has expressed his gratitude for the wonderful experiences and amazing support that he received during this period.

Sun Resigns From Tron To Fill The Position

Justin Sun resigned from Tron in December 2021 when he was chosen by the Grenadian government to serve as their permanent representative to the WTO. Since then, it has been noted that his Twitter handle contained a prefix ‘H.E.,’ which is used for high-ranking authorities or diplomats. In order to fulfill this responsibility, he will be delegating his ambassadorial duties to a successor before taking a short break and rejoining the cryptocurrency industry.

Rumors Surrounding Sun’s Ambassadorial Status

Recently, there have been rumors regarding Justin Sun’s ambassadorial status with many reports suggesting that he may no longer be a diplomat despite him insisting otherwise at times before accepting he had lost his position. However, these rumors can now be put aside after officially announcing its conclusion via Twitter post.

Grenadian Government Chooses Sun To Serve As Ambassador

The New National Party had given Sun this position earlier but they lost out in June 2022 when the National Democratic Congress won in general elections leaving them unable to retain him as an ambassador any further. During his time here, he expressed appreciation for all members of WTO – partners, colleagues and particularly for its Director General Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala @NOIweala for her support and collaboration during his tenure as Ambassador of Grenada to WTO .

Final Thoughts

It appears that Justin Sun is now ready move back into crypto space but first must delegate responsibilities before taking some time off from diplomatic commitments altogether .

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