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Move $1b in Bitcoin in Seconds with Minimal Fees

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Bitcoin Transaction of $1.05 Billion

• On March 16, 2020, over 40,141 bitcoin (BTC) were moved in a single transaction worth $1.05 billion from 254 addresses to two output addresses.
• The cost of the transaction was 333,000 satoshi worth about $87 — just 0.000008285714285714285% of the transferred sum.
• Bitcoin simplifies and improves large settlements compared to traditional banking systems by eliminating intermediaries and enabling direct, peer-to-peer transactions with lower costs and quicker execution time.

Advantages Over Traditional Banking Methods

In traditional banking systems, moving such a large amount of money would generally involve numerous intermediary banks, each of which might charge fees for processing the transaction. This results in slower transfers, higher costs and increased complexity. Furthermore, international transfers are likely to require currency conversions, adding even more fees and potential delays due to different time zones and banking hours.

In comparison, Bitcoin simplifies the process considerably by utilizing a decentralized ledger system that eliminates the need for intermediaries and enables direct peer-to-peer transactions without any additional charges or delays due to currency conversions or time zone differences. Moreover, it is much more cost-effective as demonstrated by the recent $1 billion transaction which only incurred a fee of 0.000008285714285714285%.

Speed & Security

Another benefit of using Bitcoin for large settlements is its speed: It typically takes minutes or hours for a Bitcoin transaction to be confirmed by the network whereas traditional bank transfers can take several days – especially when dealing with international transfers. In addition to being fast Bitcoin transactions are also secure because they rely on cryptography rather than trust between parties making them nearly impossible for any third party to intercept or tamper with them once broadcasted onto the blockchain network .

ColdFusion Video

For a deep dive into bitcoin consult ColdFusion’s video on the topic which discusses how cryptocurrency has revolutionized large settlements through its inherent efficiency , cost effectiveness , and security .


The massive $1 billion bitcoin transaction serves as an excellent reminder that this revolutionary digital asset is capable of facilitating complex financial operations quickly , securely , and at very low costs when compared to traditional banking methods .

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