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Uniris: between major advances and continuous innovation

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The frantic pace on which Uniris is engaged is not weakening. Author of an innovative solution, guaranteeing a new kind of security system based on the venous system. The French company announces its regular progress in a newsletter which has become extremely popular .

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A recognized technological solution

After winning the CSF label , Ethereum Code offered itself a major communication coup. The company appears in the short list of companies likely to ensure the security of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. The ARCHE validation consensus , specific to Uniris technology, continues to assert itself. The promise to swap passwords for a swipe of a finger, and access its usual application panel has never been closer.

In its last newsletter , published on December 20, the company highlights its attribute of “condition of origin” , promising a unique and secure authentication for users.

“It is possible in the PoW to select a device category to find the associated cryptographic key. Thus, the addition of an additional “ biometric” type condition ensures optimal security of transactions ”

Uniris Weekly Newsletter N ° 51

For example, it will now be possible for any voter to guarantee their identity via a reliable and secure biometric system . There is no doubt that administrations will have to adopt this type of technology in the near future. In fact, in addition to increased productivity and substantial savings, data security has become a major strategic issue.

A flood of new products

The “original condition” is not the only novelty announced. The company has indeed worked on a major improvement, which completes the smart contracts deployable on Uniris. Indeed, a smart contract interpreter will significantly improve their capacity, thanks to the introduction of the following attributes:

Code detection
Generation of the transaction based on smart contract triggers: choice of the possible frequency (day, time, etc.)
Utility function calls: regular expression, hash, and others.

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