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Web3 Comes to Content Creators: NFT.NYC 2023 Spotlights Royalty Solutions

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• NFT.NYC is an international non-fungible token (NFT) conference that took place over three days with various talks and events.
• Major sponsors included OpenSea, Immutable, and Atomic Hub for gaming platforms, and Amazon Web Services.
• Zilliqa announced their upcoming hardware console and gaming hub with features such as earning or mining zilliqa (ZIL) which can be traded on crypto exchanges.

NFT.NYC: International Conference

NFT.NYC is an internationally celebrated non-fungible token (NFT) conference that took place over three days from April 12th to April 14th of 2021. The conference featured hundreds of speakers covering a wide range of topics, including fine arts, gaming, entertainment, decentralized finance (DeFi), identity branding, and more. Major sponsors included OpenSea, Immutable, and Atomic Hub for gaming platforms; as well as Amazon Web Services for web2 giant.

Immutable & Web3 Gaming

Immutable is a main partner of NFT.NYC who is a leader in the blockchain gaming industry consisting of both a developer platform and a game development company. They have announced an exciting partnership with Polygon that centers on a new EVM-compatible zk-rollup offering fast, easy, and secure transactions for web3-enabled games with royalty enforcement capabilities.

Zilliqa Console Release

Alongside Immutable’s announcement was another major announcement from layer-1 blockchain Zilliqa sharing news of its upcoming hardware console and gaming hub scheduled for release later this year. This console will bring together aspects of web3 technology such as crypto wallet integration and mining software among other features leveraging the Zilliqa network’s scaling solution sharding which makes it ideal for applications needing frequent blockchain transactions such as gaming applications.

Crypto Mining Benefits

Players can earn or mine zilliqa (ZIL) which are tradable on all major crypto exchanges making it easier to onboard new users into the world of cryptocurrency while further decentralizing the Zilliqa network itself due to the mining efforts placed by users thus benefiting both parties involved–player benefits from earning rewards while Ziliqaa network gets more secured due to more miners participating in validations of blocks within the network .


Overall NFTyc was a successful event bringing together top leading companies in the blockchain industry allowing them to showcase their projects along with introducing new technologies that would further benefit content creators within this space allowing them to monetize their work while also giving players access to amazing experiences they could not find elsewhere outside this emerging field called Web3 .

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